House Rules:


1. Payment at the entrance of the enclosure:

Adults and children from 3 years.
When Repay shall receive a ‘bracelet’ as proof of payment and will have to compulsorily take on location on the premises.

Includes table, grills, firewood, parking and accommodation.

2. It is essential to respect:

a. Animals
b. The facilities (toilets, furniture, community areas, etc.)
c. Other users

3.Barbecues are community. Its only use is allowed per table. 

4. Barbecues are rotating and can only be used when cooking.

5. Using equipment / utensils music is not allowed.

6. Cigarettes should not be thrown to the ground..

7. Parking vehicles in areas not authorized or that may cause annoyance to other users is not allowed. 

8.  Parents are directly responsible for the behavior of their children or children in their care. 

9. Companion animals remain tied throughout your stay.

10. Residues Please leave garbage properly reflected in the places available for this purpose. 

11. The store hours and the exhibition is from 9:00 to 20:00 uninterruptedly. 

12. The restrooms have toilet paper. If it is empty, Warn Agrobotiga staff.

13. Totally forbidden to throw anything down the toilet other than toilet paper (wet wipes, napkins, etc..) As there are bins intended for it. 

14. No credit cards are accepted. 

Any breach of these rules may lead to the automatic expulsion. 

Thanks for helping to maintain and respect nature (the forest).