To make a booking please contact the phone 93 841 03 28 within the following times:

Monday to Sunday from 9h to 20 h


The entry includes:
Grill, stove, table, room and parking.
For pricing and / or more detailed information  please contact with Masia Can Miret office (Tf. 93 841 03 28)

The parking area

We have 2 large parking areas properly marked.
On arrival to the site  will inform you of their location.


Grills, paellas, tweezers, porrones(jugs), mortars, etc…

The barbecue area

BARBECUES ARE NOT ROTATING, that means, THAT WE ASSIGN ONE BBQ FOR EACH TABLE. Thereby they must be used only on cooking time.

Farm Store

Store is open to the customers at the same timetable as enclosure of the barbecue is open too.
You will be able to find fruit, vegetables, meats and proximity products (honey, wine, vegetables, spring onions in season, etc…).
Also is offered coffee service, ice supply, ice creams and cold drinks.
We have too microwaves to heat children’s meals and cakes also can kept in cold storage (not freezer).

The natural environment

We are privileged to be located at the foot of Montseny, and Corredor-Montnegre natural parks.
Around the farmhouse you can access various walking tours, biking routes, etc. for walk and relax.

The recreational areas

2 soccer fields are available, bocce area, swings, sand place and a large tract of land for playing.